London Luxury Apartments


In our collaboration with a prominent real estate developer in London, Concepts Conveyed provided a virtual interactive experience to market and sell their mixed-use development. Comprising apartments, retail spaces, and restaurants, this project aimed to showcase the development’s offerings in an engaging manner.

Our team utilized real-time rendering technology to create an interactive experience that allowed potential buyers to explore the development online. Users could navigate through the various components, gaining an understanding of its layout, amenities, and design features.

Location United Kingdom
Client Rosewood Development
Project Services Showroom Interactive Tour

Prospective buyers could customize the virtual experience by selecting design features and apartment furnishings. This personalization enhanced the user experience and helped buyers envision themselves in the development.

The virtual experience also showcased surrounding amenities, providing users with a comprehensive view of the neighbourhood’s lifestyle offerings.

Overall, our collaboration exemplifies the power of real-time rendering technology in marketing mixed-use developments, attracting buyers and generating interest in the competitive London real estate market.

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