Luxury Yacht


In partnership with a renowned yacht designer, Concepts Conveyed utilized real-time rendering technology to create an immersive virtual experience for potential buyers. Our objective was to offer a dynamic platform allowing clients to explore the yacht in VR, online, or offline, with the ability to customize colors and materials.

Location France
Client Coquine Yachts
Project Services Showroom Interactive Tour

Through our approach, we developed a virtual tour of the yacht, showcasing its design and features with stunning visual fidelity. Prospective buyers could navigate through the vessel to understand its layout, amenities, and overall appeal.

A key feature of our virtual experience was the customization options available to clients. They could test different colors and materials, allowing them to personalize the yacht to their preferences.

Overall, our collaboration with the yacht designer demonstrates the transformative impact of real-time rendering technology in the maritime industry. By providing an immersive and customizable virtual experience, Concepts Conveyed helped attract buyers and generate interest in the yacht, contributing to its success in the luxury market.

Overall, our collaboration exemplifies the power of real-time rendering technology in marketing mixed-use developments, attracting buyers and generating interest in the competitive London real estate market.
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