Augmented Masterplans

Concepts Conveyed introduced an innovative service for our landscape designs, utilizing augmented reality (AR) technology to transform masterplans into dynamic 3D site models. By scanning a masterplan with a tablet or phone, clients can instantly view an overlay of the site model, which they can scale, rotate, and explore in real-time.
Location Los Angeles
Client Concepts Conveyed Studio
Project Services Interactive Virtual Reality

This interactive AR experience offers a captivating alternative to traditional 2D plans, providing clients with a more engaging and intuitive way to understand project layouts and features. This service revolutionizes design visualization in the landscape industry, offering clients unprecedented insight into their projects while fostering better communication between designers and clients.

The interactive experience also featured different price points for customizable elements, enabling the contractor to upsell premium features during live presentations, maximizing revenue potential.

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Leveraging real-time rendering technology, Concepts Conveyed provided a dynamic tool for client presentations, showcasing expertise and driving business success in the landscape industry.
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