Remote Conceptional Design

Struggling with project overload? Or wanting to take on more work and focus on client and business development? Concepts Conveyed offers online conceptual landscape design to our partners. With a wealth of prior experience in the landscape industry, our founders have honed the skills of 20+ creatives to ensure variety and feasibility that align with your style

To date, we have remotely designed over 100 properties from lavish Beverly Hills mansions to coastal Irish abodes.


Advantage of Remote Conceptional Design


Fast turn-around

our process on average takes around 14 working days for review renders to be created.



High-quality immersive renders and animations that are sure to wow your customers!



whatever your brief/wherever your project location we will ensure a design that ties into the local vernacular. Or stand out! If that’s what you’re looking for.


Remote Conceptual Design Process

Although we always start with a pen and paper, the advancement in the quality of satellite imagery and 3D modeling software allows us to create jaw-dropping concept visuals without ever visiting the site.

Flexibility has also always been important to us, and we offer three stages to make changes. One time at the conceptual model phase and two times at the model rendering phase.


Send existing site data + brief


Receive your new vision


Present and inspire!

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