Product Modeling

3D product modeling enables manufacturers and designers the ability to receive awe-inspiring representations of their ideas rapidly and cost-effectively. Using furniture as an example, traditionally designers would have to rent space, create sets, build prototypes, and hire a photographer. Using 3D modeling reduces the need for any of this, which speeds up the concept to marketing launch phase.

Another factor to consider is the rise of ecommerce. 3D assets improve google ranking and provide a more immerse experience for online buyers.

Advantages of 3D product modeling


Improves Speed up concept to product launch

numerous iterations and reduced production costs


Improve your web ranking

Perfect for modelling conceptual products without having expenditure on production


Create jaw-dropping marketing imagery

Incredible marketing potential with animations and VR services


3D product modeling process

Before we dive straight into the computer modeling phase firstly the scope must be defined. Whether you are looking for slick photorealistic static images, a product animation, 360-degree image or VR/AR experience we will find a solution best matched to your project goals.

For the next stage we will produce solid 3D models with a clay/wireframe style finish.

Following on from this we will conduct any tweaks to the polygons (to reduce file sizes in thecase of VR/AR final application).

Finally, we will select and map textures ready for your review!


Send us your specific project requirements and deliverables.


Receive and review draft stage


Recieve final output

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