Planning Documents

Along with the 2D drafting services we are also able to assist with the creation of planning/local authority and HOA document requirements. These often consist of site sections, elevations, details, and specification notes that accompany masterplans and 3D representations.

As with the 2D drafting services we offer a standardised format in terms of text, title blocks, and colouring. However, this is also customizable to meet your individual needs.


Advantages of outsourcing your planning documents


Save time

As we will assist with creating planning and document requirements, you can save time instead of doing it independently.


Fast turn-around

We offer assistance to the multiple projects you require, where each of them usually needs separate documents and planning.


Customisable To Suit Individual/Company Needs

We assist according to your business/company needs, whether you require extra dimensions, specific notations or other standardised details.


Planning document creation process

Planning documents are an add-on to our drafting process for site masterplans. We are able to include specific notation, extra dimensions/annotations, and standardised details such as: tree pits. This however must be provided prior to plan creation.


Send us your specific requirements prior to masterplan creation


Receive and review


Recieve final plans in digital format

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