3D Visualisation

Visualisations from Concepts Conveyed, could be the answer your business needs, to win more projects and move existing ones forward from concept to creation faster. Our on-demand service gives you the ability to offer the same design service as larger firms, without the cost of hiring new staff and investing in expensive hardware and software.

Using the leading 3d modelling and rendering software, we turn your sketches and plans into beautiful, immersive visuals that accurately display your project proposals.

Furthermore, 3d models and renders are also useful to other project collaborators to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Finally, they provide great marketing material.

Benefits of outsourcing your 3D visualisation


Provide deeply immersive representations of your designs

We bring your ideas and designs to life by rendering them into a 3D visualisation using the latest tools.


On-demand service to account for fluctuating workflows.

We will ensure all the projects are done under extensive research and planning and meet the expected deadline.


Fast-turnaround times to allowing you to take on more projects

Have a few projects in your mind? We will assist you in working on them one by one, thanks to our fast turnaround times.

Nieuwe Interpretatie Van Industrieel Gebouw

3D Visualisation Process

Once we have defined the scope of your project we have a simple process.

Firstly we require certain minimum requirements to begin the transformation, these usually consist of the following::

  • Annotated scale plans (with at least one known dimension marked) as well as features, proposed levels, materials, and in the case of landscapes an idea of desired planting style.
  • Moodboards and reference material
  • Existing site images

Additional info such as topographical surveys, sections, elevations and detail sketches are also desirable. Following this we will get to work and produce initial draft renders for your review allowing you to give comments before we move on to lighting effects.

Another revision will be issued with lighting effects, and it is at this stage we will ask for final
comments before any animation or vr experience is created.


Send us your specific project scope and minimum data requirements


Receive and review renders


Present and wow your customers!

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