3D Modelling

In the landscape industry in particular let’s face it, most projects are not flat, and although levels create interest in a design they can be hard understood by the untrained eyes. Clients can struggle to decipher 2D plans with spot levels and directional arrows.

Three-dimensional representations of your plans and proposals are much easier to comprehend and can often identify potential problems early on and aid project costing. Used in conjunction with 3D rendering this provides the ultimate vessel to present and sell your

Furthermore, unlike traditional analogue methods of perspective representation, 3D models allow for rapid changes, and above all are easily shareable with various project collaborators.

Benefits of outsourcing your 3D modeling


Provide much higher quality presentations without the time sacrifice

3D modelling offers higher quality presentations compared to 2D models due to the new tools available and some auto rendering features.


A comprehensive project overview that’s easily understandable

3D modelling offers a real life overview of the location, property and environment with easy to understand renders of the project.


Fast turn around

Due to the practical and easy tools to create 3D models, fast turn-around is possible for a project to project.


3D modeling process

Once we have defined the scope of your project we have a simple process.

Firstly we require certain minimum requirements to begin the transformation, these usually consist of the following::

  • Annotated scale plans (with at least one known dimension marked) as well as features, and most importantly proposed levels.
  • Moodboards and reference material
  • Existing site images

Additional info such as topographical surveys, sections, elevations and detail sketches are also desirable.

Following this we will get to work and produce an initial draft model for your review allowing you to give comments before we move on to higher detail and textures.

Another revision will be issued with higher detail and textures, and it is at this stage we will ask for final comments before final output. It is also at this stage where you can decide to move onto 3D visualisation, animations and VR/AR experiences.


Send us your specific project scope and minimum data requirements


Receive and review renders


Present and wow your customers!

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