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The process

Step 1: Quotation.

As generally, no two projects are the same, we will provide a tailor-made quote based on information you provide us. We base our quotes on a number of variables, and are able to keep them competitive due to our location.

 Ask us for a quote!


Step 2: What we require.

There’s no such thing as too much information! Here is a list of deliverables that are used to create our models and plans (*) marks ones that are a minimum requirement.

  • Scale site plan, with boundaries, proposed or known building footprints, features to be retained e.g. trees. *

  • Annotated concept design with at least one known dimension, North arrow, and proposed levels.*

  • Topographical survey/contour plan (important for sloping sites).

  • Site images.

  • House elevations/architects drawings.

  • Inspiration images/moodboards.

  • Sketches.

  • Your logo, project name, project address.

Step 3: Revisions.

At Concepts Conveyed, we offer one free revision and two opportunities to make these revisions. The first one is after the model stage (where will email you a couple of stills/ pdf plan for comment). The other opportunity is after the final render (this gives you an opportunity to make a change after the client has seen the presentation. Additional revisions can be made but these will be charged at an hourly basis, unless otherwise agreed.

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