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The Process

Step 1: Quotation.

As generally, no two projects are the same, we will provide a tailor-made quote based on information you provide us. We base our quotes on a number of variables, and are able to keep them competitive due to our location.

 Ask us for a quote!


Step 2: What we require.

There’s no such thing as too much information! Here is a list of deliverables that are used to create our models and plans (*) marks ones that are a minimum requirement.

  • Scale site plan, with boundaries, proposed or known building footprints, features to be retained e.g. trees. *

  • Annotated concept design with at least one known dimension, North arrow, and proposed levels.*

  • Topographical survey/contour plan (important for sloping sites).

  • Site images.

  • House elevations/architects drawings.

  • Inspiration images/moodboards.

  • Sketches.

  • Your logo, project name, project address.

Step 3: Revisions.

At Concepts Conveyed, we offer two opportunities to make revisions. We create review plans/renders where you can tweak/ request any amendements. After these changes, there we will send back the renders/plans for one final review. If comissioned animations will be rendered after this stage.   Additional revisions can be made but these will be charged at an hourly basis, unless otherwise agreed.

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