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Our T&Cs

  1. Alteration of terms: The terms and conditions listed below shall prevail over all other terms. Written, printed and verbal terms shall not apply if inconsistent with the terms and conditions listed here.
  2. Definitions: ‘The Company’ is defined as the company registered as Concepts Conveyed, trading as Concepts Conveyed. ‘The Client’ is defined as the person or persons that request The Company to carry out work.
  3. Law: The terms listed here are subject to the laws of England & Wales. The Client agrees to be exclusively bound by the jurisdiction of these courts.
  4. Contracts: A binding contract (between the Client and the Company) is formed once The Company receives a request to carry out work. Work will proceed under the assumption of full agreement with these terms.
  5. Quotations: All quotations issued by The Company are on a no-obligation basis.
  6. Cancellations: A cancellation of a contract is only permitted with The Company’s written consent. Termination of a contract by The Client for any reason will result in compensation to The Company for materials and billable time at £30 per hour.
  7. Fees: Fees and charges will be agreed before work commences.
  8. Changes: Changes outside the original quotation must be approved and maybe subject to additional fees. The easiest way for you to convey changes to us is to print out our drawings, mark them up with a red pen and scan and send back to us.
  9. Payments: Projects under £501 will be paid in full prior to work commencing. Projects over £500 a deposit of 50% prior to work commencing. The additional balance to be paid upon completion. We accept: Wire Transfer, Paypal, Transferwise and Bitcoin. We ask that all projects are completed within 30 days unless agreed prior to commencing.
  10. Late payments: The Company reserves the right to charge interest on invoices not paid within seven days of date on invoice.  Interest will be charged at 10%, compounded weekly.
  11. Intellectual Property Rights: Ownership and intellectual property rights of material proprietary to The Client shall remain with The Client.  The Company may not publish any information or material prepared by The Client without permission.  Neither may The Company publish any information nor material regarding The Client or Client’s project.  The Client agrees and acknowledges that the copyright and other intellectual property rights regarding any material prepared by The Company are subject to copyright law.  Any such material shall be owned by The Company until paid for in full.  Drawings/documents prepared by The Company are for the sole use of The Client and can be used in any way The Client chooses (i.e.: for their own sales and marketing purposes).  The Company also reserves the right to use any material prepared by The Company for its own marketing purposes.  All such material will not bear any information regarding The Client or project.  All details and information pertaining to The Clients and Projects of Concepts Conveyed will be kept strictly confidential. Client’s may request that The Company do not publish drawings/documents.