Concepts Conveyed – Our Story

An introduction to our company, it’s background and origins.

A little about us.

Concepts Conveyed is an online, on-demand outsourcing service for landscape and architectural professionals. We are a British led team based in ‘The Island of The Gods’ (Bali). We provide high-end photorealistic renders and animation walkthroughs, as well as full 2d cad drafting. As an online on-demand service, think of us like a regular in-house design team, except withought the stress and cost burden of employing one!

We work with large commercial design firms, as well as small teams and independent designers. We bridge the gap, giving everyone access to the same highest quality presentation and marketing materials previously only accessible to larger firms at a fraction of the cost it would be to produce in-house.

Our Beginings

The initial idea for Concepts Conveyed was initially drawn up late one night over a few beers on the balcony by Christy Russell and Eshan Somauroo. Christy a landscape designer, had been freelancing for the last couple of years out of Bali for his fathers garden design practice www.designswithnature.co.uk and Landscape Architects, Lingard Farrow Styles www.lingardstyles.co.uk. During this time he noticed a growing demand for 3d visuals and an on-demand drafting service for designers in the landscape field of work, becoming quickly aware of the time it freed up for his clients.

Previously the uptake for basic 3d design and let alone 2d cad drafting in the landscape sector had been inherently slow, this was owing to the fact that designers inherently don’t want to be doing this stuff. They want to be focusing more on conceptual design, chosing the right plants, materials, and further more client relationship and business development. Quite simply the time taken to learn and hone these digital skills took them away from the above.

We also noticed that the 3d visuals avaliable were very bland and lacking in emotion, compared with some of the more traditional hand-drawn render perspectives. It was a eureka moment for us. Concepts Conveyed would bring the emotion from a hand drawn sketch with the flexibility, efficiency and practicality of 3d modelling together, producing truly immersive and visceral imagery that really brings the designs to life in settings that our customers clients will actively respond to.

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